Lisa Hobbs Photography: Blog en-us (C) Lisa Hobbs Photography (Lisa Hobbs Photography) Fri, 13 Apr 2018 16:41:00 GMT Fri, 13 Apr 2018 16:41:00 GMT Lisa Hobbs Photography: Blog 77 120 Where Winter Takes Me Winter is the worst season. I hate the cold with a passion, but it allows me time to think, to create, to envision and find my passion again after a long photography season. Winter is when I grow. Through the dark, the gloom, the sad days when all you want to do it go outside. Thats when I see the dark side of myself, not in a bad way, but the deep creative hole that I have inside of me and tend to cover up in the warmer months. Winter is a dormant season, but it is when creatives come alive.  cj5cj5 I do a LOT of my own personal shoots in Winter. They aren't the happy family sessions, they are soulful, dark and serious. I love the passion in them... kj15kj15

I want to catch the romance, the sadness, the quiet moments... and even sometimes the crazy editing that comes into it. All of this helps me grow as an artist and then I try to incorporate it into the next season of pictures. I choose something to work on every Winter, this Winter its emotion and creativity.  kj23bwkj23bw cj1cj1 I want it all. I want to be the best I can be at everything. I want YOU to FEEL SOMETHING when you look at my pictures, even if it disturbs you.... even if you KNOW its not real but you feel something.  kj14kj14 cj2cj2 These people volunteer to help me find that passion again and for that I can't thank them enough... They are willing to take it to the next level, and each time I shoot like this I level up inside of myself. I find a little more of what Im looking for in my work. I don't know if Ill ever get to where I want to be, but I can tell you it sure is fun trying.... kj22contrastkj22contrast kj28greenLIGHTEREYESkj28greenLIGHTEREYES cj6cj6

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What Do I Want From My Work? My husband and I have a long standing argument on whether what I do is a j.o.b. He says that since I enjoy what I do and even if I didn't make money I would still do it, it ISN'T a job. I say, I work my butt off, even though I enjoy it it is still "work", so it IS a job. I mean, I sweat... thats work now...


That conversation got me thinking, what do I REALLY want out of my "job". I work for you, but I love what I do. I take pictures of your family and your children and I adore every session. But what really gets my heart pumping is the "not your grandmothers kinda picture" sessions. n5sharpn5sharp  Take Lil' N for example, this beauty is a young lady, not a tween yet and she looks like a model, I love it. Its raw and soulful and just downright gorgeous. It is not your average child's portrait and thats what I like. Anyone can do average, I've been accused of many things in my life, but being average is not one of them :)


I want to do more of this ^^^^. The more creative the better! Do you have your Great Grandmothers dress that you want to bring back to life in this day and age? THEN DO IT! All I need to get my heart pumping is some inspiration and I find that everywhere...


I found MYSELF again when I picked up the camera, I keep finding myself over and over through photography. People tell me that I "see" them through my lens and I capture the moment, the feeling thats behind the eyes. I just do what I do, I have no magic powers to get the shot, its WHO I am. Creating these images is in every fiber of my being, thats the truth. There are times I can not wait to get home and load em' up on the computer just to see them...

w8sharpw8sharp Now, don't get me wrong. I can take a normal picture, but we aren't discussing the normal, we are talking about shooting outside of the box. Making something only I can make :) So tell me, what do you have that can inspire me? A dress? A piece of land? Super awesome hair? Do you just want to live little, have a little fun...? We can do that, I LOVE doing that. It's easy. Email, book, get super awesome pictures :)


n4n4 e1e1 I want nothing more than to... make something special..

XoXo, Lisa Hobbs Photography


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Love, Love and More Love Ohhhhhhh couples, how I love to shoot you- in the best sense of the word. Your so full of love and sweetness with some sexy thrown in, it really does make my heart go pitter-patter. See, as a photographer I want to see you... not the "I'm a family man" you.. but the sultry side that you have when you look at your wife and think of all the moments spent together. THATS the passion I want to show. Now I know, I know... thats not the session for everyone and I can do those sweet couples pictures that are meant for Grandmas mantel. Those are good too... very good.

But lets get real for a moment, when your 70 and you look back on those pictures will it make your stomach do a flip? Will it make you remember the passion you had for one another? Will you remember how soft your loves lips were on that hot summer day? Maybe.... maybe you will but lets have some fun anyway.. kj3kj3

I am pretty big into wanting to "do different" I'm always trying new things, new techniques and editing methods. My heart leaps when someone says "I want to do something different" or when I hear "I have a certain idea in mind". You see, I'm creative... the more I can create the happier I am! So when I get to do THIS

Romance....  kj7kj7

I can make memories that last far longer than we will last on this earth... memories that your children will see and say "Wow.... Mom and Dad were hot for each other..." and literally boggle their brains. Won't that make you smile in Heaven?  Trust me. One of the hardest things to do is to let go in front of the camera, to be immortalized on film. Luckily we shoot digital now so with the click of a button that picture you hate goes *poof* and is gone forever.  So come, be happy, let go... and lets create something amazing together...


XOXo, Lisa Hobbs

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Lets Talk Style Lets talk style. Each one of you have your own unique style, sometimes we conform to what others wear or what they like when secretly we dream of going full on grunge or bohemian princess. Like me.... I see the clothes girls wear in magazines and think "Man, I would love that", but do I buy it? No. Why? Because Im afraid of what people  will think. Lets just be honest because it happens to all of us. 


I'm to old, I'm to fat, I wouldn't have anywhere to wear it to, No one else dresses like this, people will talk about me... the list goes on and on and on. But I have GOOD news for you! WHO CARES! Let me explain. Mariah here would never wear this white old fashioned dress out in public because it just doesn't fit well with our idea of everyday modern fashion. But she wore it for her senior pictures because she wanted a certain "look" and she didn't want her pictures to be the same as everyone else. Guess what? These pictures are AWESOME. Do you think it would have the same "feel" if she were in jeans and a tank top? I'm guessing not. Mariah here did exactly what SHE wanted for HER senior pictures and they freaking ROCK!


Ok, ok... so you want a few different "looks" for you pictures because honestly you might have a few different personalities... lol. We have to let each one shine right? So lets go full on rocker grunge! Seriously, edgy.... not your everyday wardrobe choices because you wouldn't be caught dead in this at church on Sunday, but its super cool... face it.. its cool. We are talking about your personality, Mariah and I worked together to come up with this one and she was down with it and I was in love  with it! 



Your outfit choices are the single most important thing that you can do for your senior pictures. It is what defines you at this moment in your life. If you find yourself looking and drooling over pictures of girls in big fancy dresses looking drop dead gorgeous in the middle of a swamp then.... LETS DO IT! Make yourself YOURSELF.... a picture really is worth a thousand words, so instead of doing what everyone else is doing just choose ONE outfit that you would never wear in public but that you love more than anything. Go above and beyond.


Mariah said "I want to be different"... and so she was. She determines her style, no one else.


m2sharpm2sharp m10m10Urban Senior Girl Muncie Indiana  


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Welcome Seniors! I'm providing my seniors with a Welcome Guide to help prepare for you senior experience with Lisa Hobbs Photography. Trust me, we are going to have a ton of fun, and you will be gorgeous, even more gorgeous than you already are! However fun, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect outfit to wear, so I'm here to help. This is a Welcome Packet packed full of tips and tricks as well as what to expect from your session with us. I want your personal style to reflect during your session. These are still images so every detail counts! Feel free to visit my Pinterest Boards for more wardrobe and accessory inspiration:  Lisa Sciscoe-Hobbs

This day is all about YOU, your style, your life, your heart and that fabulous mind that God gave you. A T-Shirt in everyday life is great, but for pictures lets jazz it up a little. Lets try a fitted T-Shirt, a beanie hat and some jewelry... maybe even skinny jeans and heels :) Then you go from awesome to more awesome! Depending on what package you choose you may have more than one outfit, this is a great way of switching up your look from grunge, to classy to country to basically whatever you want!

DETAILS,  DETAILS, DETAILS! We will take pictures of legs and arms over your head so please make sure you are well groomed from head to toe. Take the time to pamper yourself, go get your nails done and hair highlighted... Make sure that you have the details of you wardrobe and personal body finalized 3 days to a week in advance. Oh, and no worries... as long as you have your wardrobe I'll take care of the rest ;)


Worried that you can't get the same pose you saw on my website, worried that your not going to look as good as "that" girl... I am here to help you every step of the way. Not everyone walks into Lisa Hobbs Photography looking like a supermodel, but I promise that you will walk out feeling like one. This is YOUR personal session, I will help pose you, teach you some awesome tricks you can totally use while taking the perfect selfie and your going to look good doing it!



If you need personal and professional references I have a slew of them. Every client I meet is truly important to me, I care deeply that you have a good experience and I highly value integrity and honesty in my business. My promise to you is that I will do my very best every time I raise my camera to take your picture, I will respect you and treat you like you deserve to be treated, which in my book is the very best.



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Beauty Abandoned Sometimes as artists, we need to play. Really... playing is part of being creative and improving your skill set. I told my teenage son just last week that I wish I had a beautiful girl to just tag along with me all the time so that when I see a perfect spot we could take some awesome pictures, anytime, any day.


It's been two weeks  since my last session, I needed a break. Not a break from taking pictures, I love it... it's my hobby and my job. But a break from the whole business side, once you build a business it becomes business. I refuse to let my hobby and my passion become a "job". So last week when we got back from Flordia, a wonderful family vacation that included Disney World... a fancy way of saying a mass of sweaty humanity standing in a petri dish of bacteria... waiting.... waiting... waiting. I HAD to shoot something I wanted to shoot... something dark and mysterious, something beautiful. So I started with the idea of Beauty Abandoned. There are so many places that have been lost to the world and are being overtaken by nature, its beautiful and mysterious.. I want it.  If you know me you know my style varies. I can do, and love, to do happy and fun portraits but I also love the feel of the soulful, dark and mysterious portraits. I don't want to tell you how I got the shot, what the lighting was like. I want you to feel something when you see my pictures. I want you to see the soul of my subject, feel their pain or their happiness, see the beauty inside..

This girl... she is deep, she is an artist and I wanted to show that. We are all souls trapped between light and darkness, working through life to find the perfect balance. What do you feel when you see these images? Do they trigger anything in you? There is nothing that I love more than bringing an idea to life. God gave me a creative soul, I try to use it to the best of my ability. A gift that isn't used well is useless.

Beauty Abandoned is about more than a building thats been forgotten... its about the soul. Society judges us on our looks and financial status while forgetting about the person inside, the heart that beats within us all.  Beauty isn't about your status in the world, beauty is what lives inside of you, the broken pieces of your heart that you live through, the ones that make you stronger... and the ones that make you crumble. Its about loving one another through everything, no matter how broken you are or what you have to say about it. Humanity exists in all of us, we need to tear down walls and search  the dark places of our heart to bring it back to life. There is light in the dark world and it lives within all of us.

Lisa Hobbs

Disclaimer: Lisa Hobbs Photography has permission to use all of her locations from the land owners. I in no way condone or agree with trespassing.


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BP4U Cosmetic Actions Made Easy set review OK, so we all know that no one wants to see an unwanted blemish... BP4U has an action set that makes it easy to refine your image to hide all of those unwanted details. Now I know that some photographers take Photo Shop to far and the subject ends up not looking like themselves, sometimes not even human (go ahead, it's funny because it's true). However, my take on this is that you must be user aware.... if you use these actions to completely change the way your client looks then that's fine, its your art. I, on the other hand decided to test these actions to see if it could make enhancing and highlighting my subjects easier and less time consuming. I found that it does! My favorite action in this set is the "Tan Me Up"... whether your client is naturally tan or not- sometimes our lighting and settings can wash them out, or take natural color out of their skin... with this action you can add it back in as seen below. I personally love the creamy paleness of skin rather than being tan, that being said, sometimes you may want a little more color!


This next action is called "Eye Enhancer".... It works perfectly to bring out the brightness and color of your subjects eyes without making them look over Photo Shopped, which as some of you know is very very important. The other must know about this particular action is that you can use it for more than just eyes. In the image below I enhanced her eyes to bring the light back into them, but I also used it on her jacket to give it a slight "pop". The next action that I like it called "Freckle Fader"... the reason I tested this one is not because I wanted to fade this gorgeous woman's freckles, it is solely to show you what this action can do and she has freckles to boot, so it's perfect! It doesn't have to be used on freckles, but anything else you want to fade out so its not so prominent ... Freckles are just beautiful. So, if your looking for a simple way to refine your images in post production this action set will work for you! Go visit:   BP4U Photography Tips and Guidelines    to see more great deals!

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BP4U Leaf Overlays by Jamie Dalton Photography review Oh man, what can I say about these leaf overlays?! I am so impressed with the versatility and how real they look when applied to an image. The key, I think, is that you have a foreground, focal and background layer you can apply and tweak to get the results that you want. 

You have several different styles of leaves to choose from, so depending on the stage of Autumn your in you should have a leaf to fit the image.  You also have individual leaves to choose from, I think this is great. If you feel as if your images are looking to much alike you can add more leaves to different areas of the image or change the style of leaf and mix it up a little. As most of you know there is more than one kind of tree in a forest. It brings a sense of reality to the scene and makes it less of an overlay and more of a perfect moment that you've captured for your client. Which is what we as photographers strive to do with every session, there isn't always wind and falling leaves on a Fall day as we all know, but with these overlays you can bring Fall to any picture!!!

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Branding My Business? I was told I needed a brand for my business... a style... a logo... a catch phrase, something that defined me as an artist. How in the world am I supposed to do that?! There are all kinds of "rules" about this if you didn't know already. It cant be to long or to short, it has to encompass me as an artist and what I can give you as a client all at the same time. Really? I mean, is this supposed to be easy? I've been racking my brain all week and have come up with get this... nada, nothing, zip, zero! I can think of several words that describe me and what I can do for you but nothing that sounds good together! OK, let me tell you why I think this is so hard. I am a very dynamic person, I have so many different favorites in everything from music to art to food. Every facet of life for me is an adventure, a "been there done that" and a favorite. I mean literally I don't think there is a single feature that defines me as an artist. 


I do however believe YOU define my style by who YOU are. Sally is going to inspire me in a completely different way than Jane or Christie because they are different from one another. What that says to me is that you are beautiful in your own way, I see your uniqueness and I want to celebrate it in that perfect way that only you have. Sure sure, if I wanted to I could shoot everyone the exact same way, same lighting, same location. I could, but I'm not going to because I love what I do and I want you to fall in love with your pictures. I want you to look at them 10 years from now and not just think that "Wow, I love that picture", I want you to remember how much fun you had that day. I want you to remember WHO you were as a person when you see it. If you cry because you love your pictures so much, that's OK too... really I don't mind at all. *kidding, you don't HAVE to cry..


I'm still going to work on branding my business. I'm going to find the words, short, sweet and perfect for me but in the meantime I'm going to do what I do and love every minute just as I have for the last three years.



Until next time,


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Why "Mommy and Me" or "Daddy and Me" are close to my heart Hey Hey!!! I just wanted to tell everyone why I love "Mommy and Me" sessions so much. I am a mother of three rowdy, loud and "clean one minute, dirty the next" beautiful boys. As a mother, my greatest moments are watching them do the little things they do, I have a teen and the other two are small and still so very innocent. It's a challenge to find the fine line between my oldest coming into his own and raising the little ones with a combination of strength, honesty and Faith. I don't get a lot of pictures with them since I'm the photographer in the house, I'm sure there are several mothers out there that are in the same boat! But I do my best because I know that they wont be little forever.

This is why these sessions are so important. In the age of selfies and cell phones, everyone has a camera or a video and while those are precious, it's usually only a glimpse of what's really there between a mother/father and their child. I have a talent in capturing the "you" in your unique family dynamics.  The above images will be cherished forever, I sometimes sit and look at the pictures I take and think "Man, I really need to have me in my pictures too". Children are only children for so long, then they grow up and have children of there own... the chubby little legs and cheeks, the wonder and innocence in their eyes disappear. I want to capture that, I strive to do it with my own family and I want to do it for you too. Life gets so busy, we get caught up in appointments, sports, school, dinner, work, errands the list goes on and on. I believe that it's of utmost importance to make time for pictures too. Take a look around, enjoy the moment, enjoy your babies and let me help.

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Review Of BP4U Blur Overlays by Jamie Dalton Photography We photographers have all heard the phrase "shoot through". This means shooting through something to get that hazy effect, almost as if you are spying on someone.. it gives the image a romantic effect and depth, a welcome obstruction that just works. Sometimes even I have plans to use this technique during a session and forget... I get home, open my images and then I remember! So frustrating. BP4U Photography Tips and Guidelines has come out with "Blur Overlays". I have tested them on several images and they are fabulous! They are subtle enough not to take the attention away from your subject, and if they are to subtle you can layer them on top of each other. I've found that the difference in the positioning, color and size of the blur is quite efficient for giving you that hazy, romantic feel for you image. You can use them by just dragging them over your image or you can change the effects for something different as seen below. BP4U Blur Overlays by Jamie Dalton Photography is a great product and I cant wait to use it in future sessions!

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Review of BP4U's Ultimate Season Action Pack I was asked by BP4U Photography Tips and Guidelines to review some of their products. My first review is the Ultimate Season Action Pack. I must say I was quite surprised to find that I actually like most of the actions in this set (I have never found an action I like), some more than others. As a whole, they are very simple to use without much adjustment on the artists part. You may want to lower the opacity after running the action on an image, but it's simple and easy to do. The other highlight to this set is that when layering actions there is little to no adjustment except for lowering the opacity to reach the look your going for Let's break it down.


Spring Action Pack-

This was by far my favorite of all of them. I used each of them alone and some layered on top of each other. Every effect was simple and looked great right off the bat. The image only improved after layering actions on top of one another. The tones and contrast were spot on. I will be using this set many many more times.


My second favorite was the Winter Action Pack. You have the capability to remove the effect from the areas of the image to make it just the way you want it with some of them. But as a whole they were all very subtle and gave my images that extra "pop" that they needed without overpowering it. You can warm your image up or cool it down with the touch of a button. I went warm with this particular image, its cold enough in Winter right?!  The Summer Action Pack was great for the season! The effects are strong and gives you the creative edge to lower or raise the opacity to suit your unique style. There are several that I will add to my horde of actions to pull out and use for future sessions.  And last but not least we have the Fall Action Pack! The colors were are bold and the blacks are black, great for the colorful season its named after. Each action I used added contrast and made vibrant colors even more vibrant,  I used three actions on top of one another and playing with the opacity of the layers I found a happy medium. I must say I quite like this image. Overall I give BP4U Ultimate Season Action Pack a big thumbs up! As a photographer who has not actively used actions I can say that this set will be well used in the upcoming year!

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Actions And Other Photoshop fun  

I must admit that my heart literally beats a little faster when I look at this. Not just because Payton is drop dead gorgeous, but my reason is a little more technical than that (because I'm a photography geek)... Let me break it down for you:

The catch lights in her eyes are... just perfect
The contrast between her skin, dress and background is perfect
The way her knee is peeking out give the image interest and makes it pop
The expression on her face is... w.o.w.


I've never been an "action" girl with Photo Shop, I like to get my hands dirty so to speak and run my own hands on editing. With that being said, I thought since this is a new year and I'm redeveloping my style and my business, it is the perfect time for change, I've never been one for change. I have found actions that actually WORK FOR ME, with little effort on my part I've been able to create the image in PS that I'm in love with.
I am testing and reviewing products for BP4U Photography Tips and Guidelines. This images was editing using their amazing "BP4U Winter Portrait Action Pack"... below you will see the before and after, to the average eye you may not notice a massive difference... but to an artists eye, well that a whole new ball game!

Winter Contrast- 52%
Those Midtones- 27%
Cocoa- 25%

Hair and Makeup- Three Girls Salon, Melissa Mousty Cawthorn

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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year So, I know its just now Thanksgiving... however I cant help but feel the spirit of Christmas sneaking up in my heart! I LOVE Christmas.... The twinkle of lights in the dark reflecting off the snow covered ground... its truly magical. As a society we've turned Christmas into a shopping frenzy and kind of taken the true meaning out of this special day. I struggle with this myself... making sure I get a gift for everyone, but in the midst of all the chaos I see my boys, my husband, my beautiful mother and strong father among the rest of my very loved family and I remember how blessed I am. I remember that Christ was born and He changed the course of not only history, but my life. I have a greater purpose than just buying someone a material gift.


God gave me a talent... its a talent that I try to use to the best of my ability. My talent is capturing time, memories... the twinkle in your eye or the love between two people... the innocence of a child. A moment in time. I don't believe that I can throw this away or just give up.. this is the gift I was given and I plan on using it to its fullest extent. I pull my camera out randomly to try and catch the everyday blessed moments of my own children, the things that are forgotten as time passes. Like the way their little hands look as they pull their toys trains across the floor making a "Whooo-Whooo" sound, or how they play in the rain and end up dancing butt naked in it! My teenager as he tries  to block it all out... lol.Those moments are priceless and I'm trying to find a way to work that into the memories I provide you with. 

I was originally posting this blog to announce the gift certificates that will be going on sale soon, but then it got way to deep to do that. I just want each and every one of you to enjoy today, who you are today because tomorrow, everything changes :) 

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What To Wear?! The most important question that you have when you think about pictures... is first "Who is going to be my photographer?"... the second is "What are we going to wear?". There is no sense in spending money on awesome pictures (by me of course) and then not looking your very best. When I say "best"... I don't necessary mean the dreaded dressed up for Sunday church look... so men, you can relax... no stuffy suits and ties here! I mean... looking your very best being YOU. Coordinating outfits is very important, I LOVE jeans... I LOVE casual... it makes for a GREAT picture... I mean GREAT, and you don't have to be uncomfortable because that's no fun. So let me help! When you schedule with me I can send you a welcome packet with se 04700470 veral suggestions and tips on how to make your wardrobe look its very best for pictures. Let me help, I want a gorgeous images just as much as you do :)


Layers, layers are amazing! Hats, hats are amazing... (we can always take them off for a different look), same with scarves. And wear clothing that FITS... if you wear baggy shirts and over sized sweaters... ladies... men... it only makes you look bigger than you are.. kids... bring your kids in suspenders and cute little dresses with tights and boots. And no matter what anyone tells you... you CAN mixed stripes and plaids (just not on the same person).  So hey.. ask, just ask for guidance. I may just give it to you anyway!

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Calling all Elwood IN Seniors! FH16brinkman10-15xcAD3-21143FH16brinkman10-15xcAD3-21143 What a GREAT event for you to take advantage of! Rock Candy Photo and Lisa Hobbs Photography are teaming up for ONE DAY only, to bring YOU the best of the best in our areas senior photographers!

You get the chance to experience both of our styles and personalities in one day.. Not only do you get two professionally edited and AWESOME portraits sent directly to your email for easy printing, its going to help you decide on what kind of artist you want taking your once in a lifetime senior pictures. You only graduate high school once.


ONE DAY, ONE OUTFIT, TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS... $30. Email me here or contact me at to book your appointment!


Seriously, you don't want to miss out on this... At no other time will you have the chance to work with two professional photographers at the same time. 

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Chet *Through Their Eyes Project God led me to document the life stories of our elderly. I have 10 stories to share with you, this is the first. Enjoy


The air around Chester “Chet” Ellis is formidable. He tells his story like he had lived it yesterday.

“I’ve had a lot of time to reminisce since coming to the nursing home. I can see my time in the service just as plain as I can see you. It’s embedded in my brain so clear. It’s what comes back to me laying there in my bed,” he says. Drafted into the service at 19, along with two of his brothers and his sister, Chet was sent to Fort Lewis in Washington and “trained to kill people”. It was a bad time for him. The only life Chet had known was here in Alexandria on the farm, a simple, quiet life. He was raised to live simply and work hard. He says “It was a different world from what I knew. It was hard to be there and no fun at all,” he says.

After training, Chet and his company (Company I, 324th Infantry) was shipped from Boston to France. On Chet’s birthday, September 8, 1944, in the middle of the Atlantic, they were attacked by German subs. He recalls how scared he was hearing the sounds of bombs all around the ship from below deck. He had never been on a ship or in battle. 

They survived and arrived in France unharmed, but soon after his arrival they were sent to the front lines. After months of battle and overtaking several small towns along the way, Chet’s regiment infiltrated the borders of Germany to resupply the troops who had been there from months. The allies were in rough shape. The Germans were going all out fighting like they never had before, and the allied troops had to withdraw. “My sergeant ordered three men to stay behind. I was one of them. They left us with a truckload of artillery and four machine guns. We were told that we had until midnight to make it over the bridge before it was destroyed, or we would be left behind. We started shooting shells at 10 p.m., one right after another. We never let up. I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of shells we went through,” he recalls. Chet and his men made it out, crossing the bridge just minutes before it blew. That night they slept in the snow banks under a railroad bridge and caught up with their company the next day.

One of the most searing memories he has is of liberating a concentration camp full of prisoners of war. He saw firsthand how the prisoners had lived in captivity. The 324th regiment liberated nearly 2200 prisoners of war on that mission. Chet recalls that day with a look of shock still in his eyes. “Unbelievable. They were thinner than hell, like death warmed over. We fought all the harder after that,” he says solemnly. He knows that God was with them in the war, and he knows God brought him home.

The troops went long periods without a change of clothing or a shower, sleeping in snowbanks, with very little food. Chet fought for months, sick with yellow jaundice. He was released from the hospital and rejoined his company the day after 19th German Army surrendered in Austria. 

Chet met his wife, Anna, after the war, in a bowling alley in Alexandria. “Anna Mae Wehsollek. Full blooded German!” he exclaimed. “Her parents came over in 1923. She passed away in April 2013. We had seven children together. They visit all the time.” 

He eventually retired from General Motors. But at one point, he had to choose between the job and family. “My wife wanted to take a vacation, but I didn’t think we could afford it, with a baby and one on the way. But she convinced me to move to Oregon, where her uncle got me a job. We lived out there about a year and a half.”

When asked what lesson he wanted to pass on to younger generations, it was this: “Love is the most important thing in life. Love your fellow man. The best thing in life is to love your partner. You have to tell them you love them and  you have to show them. If you do that, you can survive anything. Show that little kid, that little rascal, that you love him everyday, that kid will show you that he loves you.”  

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New Site So here I am staring at my desktop wondering how in the world to work this new website.... I have so many wonderful pictures to post here for the world to see, but I'm not of technical mind... I'm an artist you see..... 


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